Bradley International Airport remains at heightened state of security

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WINDSOR LOCKS - State leaders reassured the traveling public Wednesday morning that all security precautions were being taken in the wake of the terrorist attacks at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport.

"Airports including ours have been on a heightened state of readiness for a period of time of time and that continues," said Governor Dannel Malloy. "Recently, for instance I was at the airport and TSA was doing its own separate patrols from what we are doing.  That’s going on as we speak, same thing as the rail system.”

The Connecticut Airports Authority sent a statement to FOX 61 saying the following:

Safety of our passengers, employees and visitors is our number one priority and therefore we always maintain a heightened level of security. However, for everyone’s continued safety, we do not comment publicly on specific security protocols and any changes that might be made to them.

In the meantime, law enforcement is asking the public to report anything suspicious or out-of-place.