Stamford firefighters put out fire on fireworks barge

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STAMFORD – Stamford firefighters put out a fire on a barge where fireworks were being launched Saturday night.

Fire officials said that just before 10:30 during the fireworks show off Cummings Beach, a fire occurred on the barge.

The technicians on the barge were prepared for a small fire, as they occur frequently after fireworks shows, but Saturday night’s fire was too large for them to handle, though the fire involved used pyrotechnics materials, such as cardboard boxes and paper packaging. No live shells were involved.

A Stamford Fire Boat was on duty, keeping boaters a safe distance from the barge, when the barge crew signaled for assistance.

The location of the fire prevented a tugboat from attaching to the barge and bringing it back to the dock.

The fire boat tied up to the port side of the barge and used its onboard pump to supply a fire attack hose line to extinguish the fire at the aft end of the barge.

Several other small fires were also extinguished. There were no injuries.