Fireworks barge explodes in Plymouth, Mass.

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Credit: Julia Nittler

PLYMOUTH, Mass. – A fireworks explosion replaced what should have been a pyrotechnic show in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on July Fourth.

A malfunction on the barge where the fireworks were being released caused an explosion during the fireworks show. The cause was either a firework shell got stuck in the contraption it is fired from or a firework was released upside down into the boat. A second fire started on another barge holding electrical equipment for the fireworks show. The equipment was left running while the first fire was put out, and it overheated, causing the fire, according to Plymouth Fire Chief Ed Bradley, who spoke to WATD Radio.

According to the Plymouth Police Department, on Monday unexploded debris began washing ashore.

No one was injured, and the fire marshal is investigating.

Winesses said the fireworks were exploding at random.

Stamford firefighters put out a fire on a barge where fireworks were being launched Saturday night.

Fire officials there said that just before 10:30 during the fireworks show off Cummings Beach, a fire occurred on that barge.

The technicians on the barge were prepared for a small fire, as they occur frequently after fireworks shows, but Saturday night’s fire was too large for them to handle, though the fire involved used pyrotechnics materials, such as cardboard boxes and paper packaging. No live shells were involved.