Milford honors those who died serving their country

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MILFORD -- The city honored its fallen service personnel as part of a long standing 4th of July tradition.

Members of the Milford community and dozens of veterans stepped their way through the city early on the morning of Independence Day to pay tribute to the United States and to the men and women who served it.

To do that, a parade of city leaders and veterans made their way to the old Milford cemetery where a wreath laying ceremony was held.

One by one, a wreath was placed and the names of veterans who have passed away in the last year were read aloud.

The wreaths were placed at the Revolutionary War Memorial Monument in Milford. Speakers read the names of dozens of service people who fought for their country.

"We not only celebrate our Independence today and we never forget that, for certain, but it’s also the day we honor all of our members that have passed," said Tom Flowers, Chairman of the Veterans Ceremony & Parade Committee.