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Lake Gaillard in North Branford low, but in ‘good shape’

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NORTH BRANFORD - There are millions of gallons of water in Lake Galliard. Lately, there are millions and millions less and when you’re responsible for 15 towns – every drop counts.

"Water from Lake Gaillard can go as far from Branford to Milford, then up to Woodbridge, and Bethany,” said John Triana with the Regional Water Authority.

Triana’s job Wednesday was measure the water levels. Electronics do it daily, but he double checks the computer work old school style, with tape measure in hand.

When the reservoir is at full capacity it is winter time, but at this time of year Lake Galliard should be at 87 person capacity.

After a few dry months the lake is at 81 percent.

“It is only a few percentage points below the long-term average,” said Triana.

This time of year, the water level is expected to decline and that's OK as long as it is within the expected range. A prolonged drought with no rain for weeks would accelerate that and accelerate a drop in supply.

“When you look at it in the big picture, we’re in pretty good shape,“ Triana said.

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