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State police make 2 arrests in case of AR-15 stolen from cruiser in Milford

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MILFORD — State police have made a two arrests in the case of an AR-15 assault weapon stolen from a cruiser in March.

Police arrested Travis Ingram, 20, of New Haven, and Leandre Crockett, 18, of Hamden, on numerous gun related charges including firearms trafficking and larceny.

On March 8 around 4:45 a.m. a state trooper reported that his cruiser, a personal vehicle of his, and another cruiser had all been broken into in front of his home, and items had been stolen. The suspects smashed the windows of the cruiser and stole ammunition, the rifle and vest. It was later reported that 12 other cars in the area were broken into as well, and one car was stolen.

Police said Ingram and Crockett and others stole weapons, ammunition and body armor from cruiser, including one department-issued AR-15 rifle, two fully loaded magazines with 30 rounds each, and a state police-issued armored vest were taken. The items were recovered soon after the theft.

Police said Ingram was likely involved with the sale of the rifle as well. Authorities were able to track down Ingram through his connections to Howard Bookert, who was arrested in connection to the robbery of the West Haven Post Office on April 21.

Crockett was already in police custody and was served when being arraigned for another criminal case. Both Ingram and Crockett remain held on bond. Their next court appearance is July 27.

According to police, four separate individuals were involved in the crime, as well as others in the Milford and New Haven areas. The two others will be arrested in the next week, but are already incarcerated.

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