Father, daughter recognized for saving woman’s life in Rocky Hill

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ROCKY HILL--On Monday night, Rocky Hill police recognized three of its officers and a civilian for their work saving a woman's life.

On April 29, Francine Lavigne-Teague was driving with her husband on Cromwell Avenue in Rocky Hill when she went into cardiac arrest.

Her husband pulled over and flagged a nearby police officer. ER nurse Evanna Burgwardt, who was inside a nearby Starbucks buying coffee, saw the commotion and rushed out to help.

"We hooked her up to the AED, started compressions," said Burgwardt.

As Burgwardt was performing CPR, she heard a familiar voice. "I looked up and it was my dad, so I said 'Hi, Dad!'" said Burgwardt.

Her father, an ER physician, was coincidentally driving by the scene and also stopped to offer his assistance.

"I couldn't be prouder of her," said Dr. Kent Burgwardt. "I would not expect anything less from her, and she certainly didn't disappoint me."

Thanks to both father and daughter, as well as Rocky Hill police officers and EMTs, Francine was stabilized and saved.

At Monday night's Rocky Hill Town Council meeting, Lavigne-Teague had the opportunity to meet the Burgwardts and the officers who saved her life. Evanna Burgwardt and three police officers were recognized by both the police chief and mayor for their work.

Lavigne-Teague calls the people who saved her life her "angels," and was in tears as she met and thanked each one. "I think about it like every day, that I really shouldn't be here, but I am," said Lavigne-Teague.