Old Saybrook woman’s ‘Notes From A Cancer Mom’ helps other parents cope

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Cover PhotoOLD SAYBROOK -- No one was worried at first. Leslie Jermainne thought the lump under her 15-year-old son's arm was just an infected hair follicle.

But more lumps appeared. Unbelievably, Brian was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a life-threatening cancershaveforbrave

"By the next night we were already in the hospital, and then we didn't come home for 12 days," this Old Saybrook mother says of the ordeal that began three years ago.

leslie brian"Your life moves very quickly to a place you don't know anything about and don't want to know anything about." During three months of treatment, Leslie started to write. She didn't realize that this cathartic exercise during a frightening time would lead to a book that is now helping others.
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