Rapper 50 Cent discusses bankruptcy dealings, new TV show

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FARMINGTON--It's not all fun, games and "Power" for 50 Cent.

The rapper, who is currently trying to sell his Farmington home, is in the midst of filing for bankruptcy, all while promoting the third season of his television drama "Power," which airs on the Starz Network.

"People don't understand the difference in chapters," 50 Cent told FOX 61 in an interview, referring to bankruptcy filing chapters. "Reorganizing versus you actually being broke is worlds apart. I got multiple companies with millions of dollars in them. I invested more than $60 million in things over a time period."

And yet, earlier this month a Hartford judge approved his application to reorganize his finances as he struggles to pay millions in debt to creditors. When he filed for bankruptcy a year ago, he cited debts of $36 million and assets of less than $20 million.

He added that he has had to move his money around to different accounts as part of the bankruptcy case.

The rapper’s real name is Curtis James Jackson III.

Check out his Farmington home: