7-year-old boy spends birthday money to buy bagels for East Hampton officers

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EAST HAMPTON — The past few weeks have not been easy on police officers. In the wake of the shooting that killed 5 officers in Dallas, and a separate shooting that killed 3 officers in Baton Rouge, police have received threats across the country, including right here in Connecticut.

Tuesday, a 7-year-old from East Hampton decided to bring a little joy to law enforcement in his town.

Kellen Garvey came to the police department with a card thanking officers for “helping in the parade and everything else you did.” He also wrote “We’re sorry 8 Police Officers died in the past few weeks.”

Garvey also brought bagels and donuts to the officers. He used his birthday money to pay for the treats, according to Elizabeth Shepard with East Hampton Police.

“It is so nice to know that our officers are recognized and appreciated for what they do every single day,” said Shepard.

Following the shooting in Dallas, dozens of police departments across the state received gifts and random acts of kindness.