Grandson of New Haven police officer uses savings to buy coffee, doughnuts for officers

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NEW HAVEN -- The day after five Dallas police officers were shot and killed, 7-year-old Jayson Taylor of West Haven accidentally saw the news on TV while playing video games.

"I said I was scared," said Taylor. "I saw what was on the news and I got scared."

Taylor's uncle and grandfather are both New Haven police officers.

"He immediately internalized it as if it would happen here, so he got very, very scared," said his mom, Roseanne Rodicon.

Jayson asked to take the money he was saving for souvenirs at Disney World and spend it on something else. "I told my mom that I wanted to go buy them a Box of Joe and some doughnuts," said Taylor.

That same night, he and his mom made the special delivery to the New Haven Police Department. Rodicon said the gesture was entirely her son's idea. "It shows the compassion he has not only just for his family, but for law enforcement in general," said Rodicon.

The police officers helped to ease Taylor's worried thoughts. "He said 'don't worry that much about it,'" said Taylor of one of the officers.

The officers appreciated the treat. "They said thank you to me and then I said you're welcome," said Taylor.