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Connecticut Bernie Sanders delegates upset by DNC email leak, but say party needs unity

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WINDSOR--Leaked e-mails showing Democratic Party leaders trying to push the primary in Hillary Clinton's favor are fueling frustrations by Bernie Sanders supporters, including those in Connecticut.

"I think a lot of people are upset about it,” said Al Simon while at the convention in Philadelphia.

Simon, a member of Windsor's Town Council, is a Connecticut Sanders’ delegate.

He believes it was the right call for DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz to step down, but he says the truth reopens old wounds.

"It was obviously very disappointing to have confirmation of what a lot of people believe, which was the party organization was favoring one candidate over another during the primary process," said Simon.

Delegates are decided based on a state's primary. Connecticut's was in April, where Sanders got 46 percent of the vote to Clinton's almost 52 percent, a close race.

But the number of delegates shows Clinton with a lot more delegate support. Sanders was awarded 27 delegates, to Clinton’s 44. That's because there are 16 superdelegates in Connecticut, all of which pledged support early on for Clinton. Those individuals are not elected and vote for whichever candidate they want.

Sanders supporters say this is where the system went against Bernie.

"We're hoping some reform comes to that process out of the convention,” said Simon. “Where at least a large majority of those superdelegates are going to be required to cast their votes in accordance with percentages of their state's primary.”

It's expected Clinton will get enough delegates to officially be the nominee.

Simon believes at the end of the day, the party needs to come together.

"We really are at a point where the choice for president is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and it cannot be Donald Trump,” said Simon. "It's very clear that the only way we're going to make any progress at all, and that's by electing Hillary Clinton."

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