State Police trooper fired for alleged inappropriate actions during criminal investigation

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HARTFORD–A Connecticut State Police trooper has been fired by the department after receiving several disciplinary offenses.

According to State Police, Sgt. Michael Hassett’s termination will be effective starting August 8. He worked for Troop H in Hartford.

While State Police have not said what specifically led to Hassett’s firing, they did list the disciplinary offenses he’s accused of:

  • Commission of an intentional act of deception during any criminal, civil or administrative investigation or proceeding, or on an official department form, report, or system including lying by either omission or commission; misleading; civil or criminal fraud; and/or perjury.
  • Failure to display the proper attitude and demeanor of an employee of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.
  • Any conduct that would reflect negatively on the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, i.e.; membership in organizations damaging to the department, making of unauthorized statements, failure to cooperate with the media, conduct unbecoming.
  • Carrying Firearms: Firearms shall be discreetly carried when not wearing the department uniform, or whenever a back-up firearm is carried, troopers shall carry firearms in such a manner so as not to cause public alarm.
  • Off duty vehicle operation guidelines: ┬áRestrict passengers to department employees and immediate family or household members unless otherwise permitted.

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