Trans person shares positive Bradley TSA experience with the world

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WINDSOR LOCKS – Most people are not exactly flying high after a trip through the airport security line but for one transgender person, an affirming experience was too good not to share on Facebook.

While going through the scanner at Bradley International Airport, Amanda Sapir knew that the machine would get confused, according to  Sapir’s boxer briefs indicated to the machine that Sapir was a man, while Sapir’s breasts indicated a woman.

When a passenger has body parts that are inconsistent with their selected gender, the machine alerts TSA agents, because the program contains “software that looks at the anatomy of men and women differently,” according to the TSA website.

Facebook posts about positive TSA experiences are pretty rare, and posts about trans people being treated with dignity and respect in public can feel even less common. With that in mind, it’s not hard to understand why Amanda Sapir’s story has captured the internet’s imagination.

After the screening, which proved Sapir wasn’t hiding anything, Sapir said to Lac: “Thank you. That was the kindest and most socially aware TSA experience I have ever had. Your thoughtfulness really means the world.”

To which Lac responded: “I love people. We should be kind to everyone.”

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