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Waterbury pit bull stabbed while protecting owner during robbery needs prosthetic back paws

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MERIDEN -- Rubia still has tons of spunk and energy despite the serious injuries she sustained during a home invasion.

On September 9, 2015, Dawn Rivera had the day off from work and she and her pit bull, Rubia, were at their Waterbury home napping when a man broke in through the window. But 3-year-old Rubia wouldn't let the stranger hurt her mommy. Unfortunately, she was stabbed in the process.

"She must have bitten him, he grabbed the knife and he stabbed her in the throat," Rivera said of the crime.

Rivera cried for a long time, thinking her precious pup wouldn't make it. She tried to treat her herself, but Rubia was still suffering. "I tried on my own to heal her feet, keep them wrapped, do what I could, but nobody is better than a veterinarian."

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Now, the pup needs prosthetics for both of her back paws because she has a condition known as "knuckles over" on her paws from the nerve damage she sustained during the attack. That's where the Meriden Humane Society comes in. Along with donations, the no-kill shelter and rescue facility has been caring for Rubia for months, helping her heal.

The donations aren't shocking; "Everybody loves her everybody's asking how she's doing," said Shana Figlewski, a dog groomer at the Meriden Humane Society.

And neither is the humane society's involvement. "When we spoke, I knew I had to assist in some way," Marlena, a humane society employee, told FOX 61 about her first conversation with Rivera.

"Meriden Humane Society gave me that chance, the opportunity to have my dog alive and happy," Rivera said. "We're going to fight until she gets home and walks again."

Now, only time will tell when Rubia will be back on her feet. The humane society still needs to raise $1,200 more for the second prosthetic, but they've already raised enough for the first. If you'd like to help, click here to access the GoFundMe account set up by the humane society.

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The suspect has not yet been caught in the home invasion. He is described as a light-skinned Hispanic man.

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