Second man pleads guilty to capturing, killing hawks in Stamford

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(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

STAMFORD— A Stamford man has pleaded guilty to capturing and killing federally protected hawks in Stamford.

Adam Boguski, 43, of Stamford, pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to charges one count of conspiracy to take, capture and kill red-tailed hawks and Cooper’s hawks; and two counts of taking, capturing and killing Cooper’s hawks.

Prosecutors say Boguski and his friend, Thomas Kapusta, 63, were pigeon-racing enthusiasts who had a pigeon coop on Weed Avenue in Stamford, where they kept a large number of racing pigeons, which they regularly let fly outside the coop for exercise. The hawks would then eat the pigeons.

In February, Kapusta admitted he and Boguski friend killed the hawks because they saw the predatory birds as a threat to their pigeons.

The red-tailed hawks and Cooper’s hawks are predators and do eat pigeons as part of their diet. They are protected under federal law.

Boguski will be sentenced October 11. He faces a maximum sentence of 18 months and a fine of up to $45,000.

With reporting from the Associated Press.

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