Dog at Hartford Animal Shelter euthanized after contracting parvovirus

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Felix 30BLOOMFIELD–The Hartford Police Department animal shelter is being quarantined after a case of parvovirus was discovered.

The shelter recently had to euthanize a dog, named Felix #30, after it fell ill with parvovirus.

Parvovirus is serious and highly contagious. The viral disease

No other dogs are showing symptoms or signs of illness, but it is protocol to quarantine the kennel after a case of parvovirus. All dogs will be quarantined until Monday, August 15, with the exception of Julia #13, who will have to be quarantine and extra week until August 22 because she was in the kennel next to Felix.

“Once this quarantine is lifted we will need your help more than ever to share the dogs. Please keep all the dogs in your thoughts and prayers,” the shelter wrote on its Facebook page. Dogs at the shelter are euthanized 10 days after the dog enters the pound. It costs $50 for in-state residents to adopt (it’s $5 more for out-of-state residents).

Felix was a 1-year-old male pit bull mix and weighed 55 to 60 pounds. He was described as “friendly and affectionate.”

The Hartford Animal Shelter, which is partnered with the police department, is located at 87 West Dudley Town Road in Bloomfield.