Madison police issue warning after man tries to lure children playing Pokemon Go

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MADISON - Police in Madison are searching for a man they said was targeting children playing Pokemon Go and tried to lure them into his car.

Around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday night, police said, a man drove around and approached several groups of children in the area of West Wharf Beach parking lot.

The man asked the children to come with him to get Pokemon, police said.

"Early investigation reveals that this individual may have been specifically targeting children on their cell phones playing the popular game," said Captain Joseph Race in a statement. "It is important to note that at no time did any child get into the car with this individual."

The man is described as a white male driving an older model grey or silver BMW 5 series. The BMW is described as possibly bearing a Connecticut early American license plate, the first two letters may be I – A.

"The Madison Police Department reminds parents to be vigilant about where your children are and reminds everyone that should any strange person approach your children, please contact the police immediately," Captain Race said.

Parents are concerned. Madison mom Chay Bershtein has two boys who, she says, are obsessed with Pokémon Go. "One of them is 13-years-old," said Bershtein. "He will get on his bike and ride around Madison [playing] for an hour and come home." But Bershtein said the rules in their home will change after this incident. "He's not going unless he's going with his brother in broad daylight and not talking to strangers."

Bershtein's 15-year-old son, Richard, was not phased when he heard about what happened. "It doesn't really surprise me," said Richard. "What surprises me more was that Pokémon Go players fell for it."

"Madison is a great town," said mom Bonnie Miller, who does not allow any of her four children to play the game. "And I think that it just goes to show that it happens everywhere. No town is except, so we have to be vigilant."

Any individuals with information regarding this incident are asked to contact the Madison Police Department at (203) 245-2721.

Last month, YouTube star Joey Salads known for his videos that he calls "social experiments" posted clips of him luring people playing Pokemon Go hoping to warn people to be aware of their surroundings and not to let their guard down.