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Connecticut’s Tax-Free Week: What’s included and what’s not

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HARTFORD — Connecticut back-to-school shoppers will soon get a break at the cash register.

The state plans to hold its 16th annual "Tax-Free Week," beginning Sunday, Aug. 21. It will run through Saturday, Aug. 27.

During that week, most individual items of clothing and footwear that's priced under $100 will be exempt from the state's 6.35 percent sales and use tax. Connecticut expects to exempt about $4.5 million in taxes during the special week.

For items costing more than $100, sales tax is calculated on the full purchase price.

Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan is reminding shoppers that many retailers schedule sales to coincide with the sale tax-free week, which helps families save additional money. He says the "tax holiday" has become a staple of the state's back-to-school shopping season.

What's included:

  • Internet, retail store and telephone sales are covered.
  • You can purchase several items and pay for them at the same time, but they must individually cost less than $100.
  • Items, like shoes or suits, that are normally sold together cannot be separated in order to be under the limit.
  • Discounts or rebates must bring the price under $100 to qualify.
  • Both items in “buy one, get one free” promotions must all be under $100.

What's not:

  • Jewelry, handbags, wallets, luggage, umbrellas, and similar items
  • Uniforms, cleats and other specialty athletic wear
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