During Connecticut visit, Trump takes jabs at Gov. Malloy; then Malloy fights back

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HARTFORD -- Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump will be in Ohio Monday to lay out his vision to destroy terrorism.  His Ohio visit comes just two days after his stop in Fairfield, over the weekend, where he took jabs at Governor Dannel Malloy.

Trmp spoke for about an hour to a crowd of roughly 5,000 people in Sacred Heart University’s gymnasium.  Temperatures were sweltering and Trumps comments were also heated.

Trump made his usual stabs at Democratic Presidential Nominee Hilary Clinton, but this time he called out Governor Malloy for allowing General Electric to move its company’s operations from Fairfield to Boston.

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“Look I love Connecticut, I lived in Connecticut, I have many friends in Connecticut.  How did you lose General Electric? How did you lose General Electric?  You got a bad governor,” Trump said.  He went on to “Any governor that would lose General Electric hasn’t done his job. Let me tell you.”

The governor defended himself against Trump’s attacks on General Electric, saying, "GE has moved 200 jobs out of Connecticut. If I'd spent $162 million to get 200 jobs, the howling would not have stopped this many months later."

Trump also claimed a vote for him would be what Connecticut needs to help what he called a struggling economy. He also took the opportunity to make several digs at the media, in particular showing his disgust with the New York Times.  He carried that disgust over furthering his remarks about Governor Malloy.

“Talking about garbage, you have a governor in this state who’s done a very poor job.  And he’s backing crooked Hilary Clinton,” Trump said.  He went on to take those zings to a personal level.

“You know he changes his name.  I thought it was Daniel, then I thought it was Dan, then it’s Dannel.  Dannel!  I never heard of Dannel!”

Malloy responded to Trump poking fun at his name, saying, "You gotta worry about somebody running for president who does that don't you? Donald Trump is an out-and-out fraud."

Malloy went on to criticize Trump for not releasing his tax returns. "He’s running for the highest office in the land, he said he would release his tax returns, he acknowledged that was necessary to run for president, and he won’t."

“Probably because the only person who’s ever made money with Donald Trump, after all of his bankruptcies, is Donald Trump,” said Malloy, “he’s a fraud, he is.  He’s also a clown.”

Monday, Trump laid out his vision for defeating radical Islamic terrorism, with a plan his aides are calling “foreign policy realism.” The plan includes banning individuals into the U.S. that come from countries with heavy terrorist footprints.

His plan also includes a new vetting process for letting people into the U.S., which could involve a test questioning visa applicants on their support of U.S. values and seek to weed out any supporters of extremist ideologies.

Monday’s speech comes as Trump’s campaign faces sagging poll numbers in key swing states in recent weeks.

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