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Mass. fisherman captures shark feeding frenzy on video

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QUINCY, Mass -- A fisherman in Massachusetts calls the scene a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A feeding frenzy of massive great white sharks, just feet away from his boat, with three great whites furiously feasting on a dead whale.

Warning: Video contains profanity. 

"You can tell by the video, you know, heart rates were moving at that point,” said Frank Duggan, Captain of the Massachusetts based Outer Limits II.

Duggan captured the incredible video on Thursday morning from the bridge on top of his boat during what was supposed to be a tuna fishing trip.

"You really had to be there to see it. I mean, they were taking bites that were this wide and that big out of the side."

His friends below, much closer to the action, and a bit more excited.

The actual length of the biggest shark, Duggan estimates, at least 16-feet, well over the width of the boat. "They are pretty awesome creatures. The size, the jaws, just the sheer size of them alone."

The crew stayed and watched the whites finish their breakfast for at least half-an-hour.

They never reeled in any tuna Thursday, but this sight made for a successful trip.

"Once in a lifetime thing to see. Three great whites altogether like that in this part of the country," said Duggan.

The Atlantic Great White conservancy is aware of this video. In fact, they have been sharing it on Facebook. They do track tagged great whites. However, Duggan said he didn't see any tags on any of those sharks.

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