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HARTFORD--Ready, set, learn!

Students at Achievement First High School in Hartford are getting ahead of the game due to an early start to the school year. But the high schoolers aren't as upset as you might think to be missing out on the last few days of summer; in fact, they're excited.

The students are ready to learn, anticipating the not-too-far-off prospect of college.

"I don't care if the school year's early. Personally, I think the sooner I start, the sooner I end, and I can't wait to go to college," said Jose Rendon III, a junior at Achievement First.

And this only helps them get in the game as quick as possible. According to Emily Banks, principal, "The summer slide is a real thing, and so the sooner we can have our students get back in, the sooner they can start business and get them going for the year."

The goal at Achievement First is 100 percent college attendance, and that goal is nearly met every year. The dedicated students rank among the highest on the SATs, and their eagerness to learn puts them in great shape for the future.

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