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State Senate president needs kidney, as do so many more he says

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STAMFORD--State Senator Martin Looney (D) has no plans to hang it up, despite needing a kidney transplant.

Looney, 68, says he'll likely have to go on dialysis in a couple months if he isn't matched with a donor first.

The state Senate president says medication to treat another condition took a toll on his kidneys.

Looney's Catholic parishes, past and present, are reaching out to potential donors via Facebook and this Sunday's church bulletin.

"It's such a vital need because the number of organs available is so much less than the number of people in need," Looney said.  "And I just want to help highlight that."

Looney says a few people have already come forward as potential donors.  They are being tested to determine if they are a match.

However, Looney is running unopposed for his Senate seat.  "As long as I'm breathing, I'm running," Looney vowed.

If you're interested in donating a kidney or becoming an organ donor you can reach Yale-New Haven Hospital's donor referral line at 866-925-3897.