Sen. Blumenthal on the presidential election, outdated airline computer systems and Zika

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HARTFORD--It's an election year, and boy is it an unusual one.

With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton fighting until the bitter end, it's anyone's guess who will be our next president.

While we don't know who will win, Sen. Richard Blumenthal has been in politics long enough to weigh in on how the race stands just over three months out from Election Day.

Blumenthal served five terms as our state's attorney general, as well as three more terms in the state Legislature. Now, he's running for his second term as a U.S. Senator.

In recent weeks, Blumenthal has loudly advocated on two measures: the airline industry, and funding for Zika.

With days of issues involving thousands of flight cancellations and delays, Blumenthal says that it's past time for airlines to update their computer systems into the modern era. Until then, he says that customers who suffer cancellations due to software issues should be compensated.

Meanwhile, Blumenthal is strongly advocating for Congress to pass additional funds to research vaccines and treatments for the Zika Virus, a call that has been renewed nationally after it was announced that an additional five people in South Beach had contracted the virus via local transmission.