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Quinnipiac students win competition to dorm in assisted living community

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HAMDEN--Two Quinnipiac students have decided to leave their college roommates behind and find some new ones.

Senior Victoria Kozar, a health science major, and Joe Huberman, a graduate student in occupational therapy, were two of 17 chosen to dorm in an assisted living facility. For about two years, Masonicare and Quinnipiac have been trying to make this happen, and now it finally has.

Assistant professor of occupational therapy Erica DeFancesco said she couldn’t believe the response from students when she pitched this idea to them.

"Inter-generational programming, there's evidence to support that they will learn things they will never learn from books. Listening to individuals who've been in wars, what a powerful experience,” DeFancesco said.

It was a pretty competitive process for Kozar and Huberman. They had to write an essay and were asked tough questions about why they were interested in moving in with the seniors.The seniors also had a say about was chosen.

FOX 61 asked Kozar, “What did your friends say?” She said, “They were more excited about it asking, 'When's the next bingo night? We're coming over.'”

When Howard Luppi celebrates his 92nd birthday this week, he says it's going to be unlike any other. Luppi said, “I think it's an absolutely wonderful opportunity to bring us both together.”

Luppi already has questions for the students. He doesn't quite understand the way this generation communicates: “You walk down the street and you don't see anyone without the telephone and they're constantly communicating with each other.”

Masonicare and Quinnipiac University are confident that next year more students will apply and more than two will be chosen to live at the facility.

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