State Police searching for a peeping Tom in Griswold who is also stealing underwear

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GRISWOLD -- Connecticut State Police are searching for a suspect who's been going around homes in Griswold, peering into windows and, at times, breaking into them, escaping with lingerie and other intimate clothing.

"There's certainly reason to be concerned as these are indicators of someone with some really sick behavior," said Kevin Skulczyck, first selectman of Griswold. "I come from a background where I was working in the criminal justice system, I was a correction officer for 21 years. I've dealt enough with some sick people and these are behaviors that you certainly get pretty concerned about."

The local neighborhood watch has been passing out flyers alerting neighbors, particularly women, to watch out for any outdoor furniture that was mysteriously moved toward windows recently.

The incidents began earlier this week in the area of Bethel Road.

State Police are reminding neighbors to be vigilant, secure their homes, and not leave any articles of clothing out unattended.

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