Bristol cat who survived gunshot wound now fighting cancer

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PLAINVILLE–First, Buddy hung in there and healed after being shot in the leg. Now, the little kitty is fighting for his life once again.

Buddy was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Since he was shot on June 13, Buddy has been living at the Fur-Gotten Tails Animal Rescue in Plainville. The rescue told FOX 61 in June that Buddy’s owner let him outside near Topview Terrace in Bristol, but when he came back he was limping. The family could not afford the veterinarian bills, so the cat was surrendered to the shelter.

It was determined that he had been shot, and through donations, about $2,500 was raised to pay for Buddy’s surgery to pin his leg back together, and now he’s almost fully recovered.

However, about three weeks ago his caretakers noticed a patch of missing hair on one of his three other legs, and the person saw a small fluid-filled sack. It turns out, he had a mast cell tumor, and it’s “growing daily and at a rapid pace.”

A specialist at the Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk examined Buddy, and determined that he needs chemotherapy treatments, but that’s expensive. Without an owner, the $4,000 cost for cancer treatment falls on the rescue and the vet. Fur-Gotten Tails is raising money on YouCaring, and needs about $900 in the next few weeks to pay for his first appointment for chemo. The full amount is needed within four months.

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It was originally planned that Buddy would be up for adoption as soon as he healed, from the shooting, but a forever home will have to wait until he goes into cancer remission.