New teachers in Madison are getting ready for their first day of school

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MADISON--With one week to go before the first day of school, teachers in Madison are in workshops doing some learning.

New teacher Stephanie Sulkowski said, “I am definitely a little bit nervous.”

Another first-year, teacher Daniel Ives, felt the same way. “There are definitely some first year jitters," he said.

Many of these teachers are anxious for the first day of school because it’s their first day of school teaching ever.

While Ives may be a new teacher, he has a step ahead of his peers since he's not new to Madison schools. He's a former student, and now some of his former teachers are his colleagues!

“I was really inspired to be a teacher by a lot of the teachers I had in this district,” Ives said.

Now he and others are gearing up with a few end of summer lessons.

So what are the first-time teachers going to be doing on that last night before the big day?

Drew Sellitti said, “I’ll probably check my plans 100 times."

Ives is planning a more relaxing approach: “Gonna spend some nice family time – going to just unwind a bit."

Sulkowski just wants to check her alarm clock. “Every teacher has the first couple nightmares I guess where you’re not sure that you’re not going to wake up on time."

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