Connecticut State Police ‘introduce’ people to turn signals

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HARTFORD — Connecticut State Police have people laughing while they spread an important message about safety on the road.

“Introducing turn signals!” they posted on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

They encourage you to amaze your friends with the “now standard equipment on all cars, trucks, and minivans!”

The reminder to use your blinker was immediately flooded with likes and comments. Many people noted how few people on the roads use their blinkers when they turn.

Others responded with their own jokes. “I tried it… windshield ended up wet and I couldn’t see,” Matt Ze wrote.

The post is just the latest tongue-in-cheek message from the Connecticut State Police.

Last week, they warned people to stop the “fall madness.” Although their post was accompanied by a picture of pumpkins, leaves and boots, state police told others not to do the same.

Last year, The Massachusetts Department of Transportation lit up boards with wicked good safety advice: “Use yah blinkah.”