Pressure is on Consumer Protection to ‘punish’ liquor stores selling below state minimum prices

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AVON--State Republican leaders are calling for a crack down on liquor stores selling below state minimums.

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano called for state Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris to punish Total Wine & More, as well as BevMax, for selling liquor at prices that FOX 61 found were as much as $9 lower than what's legal.

Like Total Wine did last week, BevMax is also suing the state in federal court, challenging Connecticut's mandatory minimum prices on beer, wine and liquor.

The smaller mom-and-pop package stores, like Super Cellar in Avon, say state minimums protect them and they want Total Wine and BevMax fined.

"I feel the punishment should mirror selling alcohol to a minor," Dave Leon, Super Cellar's manager, said.

FOX 61 reached out to Total Wine & More, as well as BevMax, for comment, but we haven't heard back yet.