Sikorsky announces it’s laying off more than 100 Connecticut employees

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STRATFORD–Just over a week after it was announced that the U.S. Navy had pulled its contract with Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky Aircraft for maintenance for the Marine One fleet, the company announced it would be laying off employees.

Sikorsky, which is owned by Lockheed Martin, is laying off a total of 150 employees from its Rotary and Mission Systems division. Of those employees, 109 were employed in Connecticut.

It’s unclear if the 85 Sikorsky employees based in Stratford who were responsible for the maintenance of the Marine One helicopter fleet that transports the president were part of the layoff. It was previously announced their jobs would be impacted by the loss of work, but not in what capacity, whether they’d be laid off or reassigned.

In all, about 8,000 employees work at Sikorsky in Connecticut.

Here is a statement from Sikorsky:

Lockheed Martin today announced that 150 employees from its Rotary and Mission Systems’ Sikorsky line of business will no longer be employed by the company as a result of a reduction in force. Although difficult, this action is necessary to ensure we remain competitive in the marketplace, secure future business opportunities, and keep our infrastructure appropriately aligned with customer demands.

On August 4, the company announced that it was creating the Rotary and Mission Systems division “to reflect the recent growth of the business following the acquisition of Sikorsky and realignment of other parts of the company.” Sikorsky falls under that division.

With additional reporting from the Associated Press.