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Meriden residents up in arms over recent violent crimes

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MERIDEN--Residents in Meriden are upset over a recent uptick in violence, and they spoke out about it Tuesday evening.

Dozens attended a City Council meeting to come up with ways to combat crime in their neighborhoods after several shootings occurred in recent weeks. Residents are concerned that gangs and drugs are to blame, and the community isn't happy about that. A resident who alerted FOX 61 to the meeting also said that residents are concerned about transparency in investigations from the Meriden Police Department.

One resident who spoke up said,  "I don't want to be a rebel rouser, but I can sure as heck be a radical, and I am ready. I've got my fighting shoes and my fangs on. this is ridiculous with all of these shootings that are going on and I hope you do realize is drug related. It doesn't take much."

The police department said it got a $25,000 federal grant to target foot patrols in problem neighborhoods.