West Haven daycare where 600 marijuana plants were found was inspected 3 times in 2016

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WEST HAVEN--Several local police agencies and federal authorities are now investigating after more than $1 million of marijuana was found at a West Haven home daycare Friday.

FOX 61 has learned two children under the age of 4 were at the home when the bust happened.

The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood licenses daycares, and a spokesperson told FOX 61 that state inspectors had been to that daycare three times since May.

If the inspectors hand't come to do a random check at the Norfolk Street home daycare on Friday, there's no telling if West Haven Police would've ever found the 600 6- to 10-foot-tall marijuana plants.

State records show Rosalee Miller was running a licensed daycare out of her home since 1995. She's allowed up to six children.

Inspectors first stopped by the home on May 6. They found no first aid certificate, a water temperature issue, a record keeping issue, and outside hazards. On July 29 they went back and found the outside was still not up to par. Then, on September 2, inspectors went back and were denied access to the home. However, they still had concerns about the play area outside. While exploring that area, they discovered the marijuana plants and called police.

The home daycare license was revoked and the home was condemned. No one is allowed inside.

The daycare owner has a hearing scheduled on September 15 regarding the suspended license. She then has 45 days to appeal.

Police still haven’t made an arrest.

Meanwhile, Gerry Pastor, the head of the Connecticut Child Care Association released a statement to FOX 61:

As the director of an association which represents hundreds of licensed child care centers throughout Connecticut, I can tell you that the safety and well-being of the thousands of children our members serve every day is the foremost priority at all times. We work closely with the Office of Early Childhood with the common goal of insuring the health and safety of all children in our care, and they do an extraordinary job. This story out about this West Haven home daycare business was abberational and like nothing I have heard before; it underscores the value of licensed, well-regulated child care centers in Connecticut. The training, supervision and adherence to the highest standards of safety at our state’s child care centers should give parents the peace of mind they need in knowing their children are being loved and properly cared for.