911 clerk fired for handling of Waterbury delivery driver homicide call

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WATERBURY–A woman has been fired after a recording of a 911 call showed inappropriate professional conduct on her part.

According to Waterbury Deputy Chief of Police Fernando Spagnolo, Nicole Scarino was fired after a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday.

A weeks-long investigation began after the recording was released, and during the investigation it was discovered that she had acted inappropriately on several other 911 calls, which led to he recommendation that she be terminated.

On August 23 around 9:30 p.m., Helena Vargas, 59, of Waterbury was found shot in the passenger side of a car outside 70 Linden St. Four teens were arrested after the shooting, which was witnessed by a second delivery driver, Rolando Alvarez, 60, who was with Vargas.

Two days later, Scarino was placed on administrative leave from her position as a civilian dispatcher due to her conduct on the call, during which you can hear her and Alvarez, whose first language isn't English, struggle to communicate. Scarino has been on the job for seven years. A Change.org petition was launched calling for Scarino's firing.

According to court documents, Alvarez was robbed while trying to deliver food, and as he was robbed a second man walked to the side of the car where Vargas was sitting.

Alvarez heard Vargas scream "Papi! Papi!" and then heard two "pops," which he thought were gun shots.

Alvarez ran to use Vargas' phone since his was stolen, but he couldn't work it so he ran to a nearby convenience store. By the time he returned police were on the scene.