No LOL about WTF sign in Woodbury

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WOODBURY - Not too many LOLs about a WTF sign on full display at one home on South Main Street.

The homeowner's protest against the town, and likely its budget, is making many say "what the?!"

Most of us know what WTF stands for, but we can't exactly say it here... and Tom Arras probably would get in trouble if he spelled it out.

Instead, Arras has his sign stand for "Woodbury Wastes Taxpayer Funds." Technically, shouldn't that be a double "w"?

"Why didn't 'Woodbury' or 'waste' get its own w, right?" First Selectman Bill Butterly jokingly asked.  "He wants it to say WTF, he wants to shock."

Butterly said he has received a lot of complaints about the WTF sign.

He is working with the town's attorney to have it removed.