Members-only ultra-luxury gas station coming to Greenwich

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Credit: The Guess Corporation

GREENWICH–It’s no longer just country clubs and card games that are exclusive to members only. Now, you can only get gas if you pay a membership fee at one Greenwich location.

The Guess Corporation is launching a chain of member-only ultra-luxury gas station and convenience stores. The company already has a gas unit, Guess Petroleum, which this new chain will be run under.

There are even different levels: GP Clubs will be ultra-luxury for ultra-affluent people, while separate GP Express stations will be for “just” affluent customers.

GP Clubs will have mansion-style buildings that include a steakhouse, water park, swimming pool, business center, video-conferencing center, meeting rooms, hotel suites, a medical clinic, designer boutiques, a hair salon and, of course, a convenience store. A separate area will house the gas pumps.

The Club house will have a valet and concierge to great you and fuel your engine while you shop around or eat. Your car will also be hand-washed and waxed.

To join the “ultra-luxury” GP Club, you must have a household net worth of more than $50 million. Membership fees will get you a platinum-plated membership card that will allow you to enter any GP Club in the U.S., or internationally. Members also get 24 hour emergency roadside assistance and 24/7 travel concierge service.

So far, 250 GP Clubs are planned over the next 36 months worldwide. There will be about two per state, and the initial list of locations includes Greenwich, Connecticut.

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