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Real Story – A father’s mission

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HARTFORD -- On February 25, 1996 two promising young lives abruptly ended after a couple in love boarded the No.18 bus in Jerusalem.

Twenty-five-year-old Matthew Eisenfeld and 22-year-old Sara Duker were on their way to visit the country of Jordan when a bomb ripped through the bus they were on, killing 26 people on board, including the couple.

A suicide bomber, sponsored and trained by the Iranian government, was found to be responsible for the terrorist attack.

"In the early years of Matt's life, I was his teacher,” said his father, Dr. Lenny Eisenfeld. “In the latter years he was my teacher."

Eisenfeld of West Hartford talks about his ongoing efforts to receive compensation from Iran, which financed the attack, and trained the person who built the bomb.

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