Local Muslim community says man suspected of NY, NJ explosions does not represent true Islam

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MERIDEN--Local Muslim communities realize any time there is a terrorist attack in the name of Islam, they have to be vigilant with their own safety.

The Baitul Aman Mosque, or House Of Peace Mosque, knows what retaliation is after it was shot up following the Paris attacks last November.

The mosque has surveillance cameras and two-way radios, as well as people clearly identified as security during gatherings.

Although the feds are investigating the motivation and any affiliation behind the New York City and New Jersey explosions, the mosque says the suspect does not represent true Islam at all.

"Ahmad means the one who worships, or the one who is praised, and Rahami means mercy, forgiveness, tenderness, compassion," Zahir Mannan, with the mosque, said.  "And he didn't even live up to his own name."

Combating misinterpretations of Islam and those who carry out terrorist attacks, the mosque continues to push forward with its "Love For All, Hatred For None" campaign.