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Bristol mother speaks out after daughter is accused of making ‘stab list’ of classmates

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BRISTOL – A mother is trying to set the record straight after her daughter was accused of a stabbing plot at West Bristol School, saying her child never made a “stab list.”

“I just feel like this whole thing blew out of proportion,” mother Shani Concepcion said.

Another parent, Jennifer Long, disagrees and took to the airwaves on The Bristol Beat Wednesday night, to say her piece.

According to Long, her son Elijah was told by a girl in his class, Concepcion’s daughter, that he was on her “stab list.”

Radio host Stevey Steve says there are always two sides to every story, so Thursday night he brought in Concepcion to set the record straight.

She said her 11-year-old daughter claims she said the student was going on her “list,” but never said anything about a “stab list.”

“From what I understand from my daughter, is that the list was a teacher explaining to her to write about all the kids that have been bullying her and bothering her,” Concepcion said. “On this particular day a student was bothering her and she had said, ‘I'm gonna put you on my list.’ From there it escalated to this 'stabbing list.'”

Concepcion thinks the word “stab” came from an incident last school year when her daughter took her yellow purse to school and didn’t know her mother’s pocket knife was inside.

“She opened it up on the bus and realized there was a pocket knife in the bag,” the mother said. “She put it right back into the bag, put it back in her backpack, but another student saw that and when she got to school the student went to the principal and said she had that in her bag and that’s how everything started.”

According to Concepcion, she got six months expulsion.

This time, her punishment is a 10-day suspension. Concepcion says because of her daughter's learning disability--she has attention deficit disorder--it can’t exceed that time frame. In the meantime, she’ll be seeing a psychiatrist.

Her mother says she doesn’t believe her daughter would harm anyone, but is concerned she may harm herself. Concepcion says due to the ADD, her daughter struggles with connecting emotionally to topics that are explained to her.

“The school wants to make sure she is safe to herself and safe to others before she can return, it might be a while before she does,” she said.

The mother’s worry is what will happen if her daughter does return to West Bristol K-8 School, concerned that the bullying will get worse.

Bristol Beat has made tentative plans to bring both mothers to the radio station to talk out the issue on Friday.

West Bristol Principal Michelle LeVasseur sent home a letter Tuesday about the incident, stating there will be a Parent Teacher Organization meeting Tuesday, September 27 for further discussion about safety procedures.

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