Pet of the Week: Hattie

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HARTFORD - Hattie is a spayed female Rat Terrier that is 11 years old.

She is a very sweet dog, and though she may be 11 years old on paper, she is a spunky little dog with lots of personality!

She was adopted out in late 2014 but returned two months ago due to the family having financial issues

Hattie is on a weight loss plan and loves getting exercise now,  especially going for walks, and is already losing weight.

She is a quiet girl, but talks and knows how to communicate when she wants something. She has the cutest, raspy bark and will jump two feet in the air up and down like crazy when its meal time or treat time.

She is hand shy, meaning that someone probably had a heavy hand with her in the past, so she will start to flatten or lower her head when first being pet, but loves the attention!

She also loves belly rubs, loves to be brushed, and is happy to hang out in your lap, too.

She was living with a calm small dog and she doesn't mind their company, even at the kennel.  She just doesn't want to run and play.

She also has lived with cats and would be found snuggling with them.

Hattie was good with the young grandson that would come to visit, but he was dog savvy and knew how to respect a senior dog.

For more information on Hattie, or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.