Watertown school says several students have hand, foot and mouth disease

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WATERTOWN - Officials in one Connecticut school district are warning parents of local cases of coxsackie virus.

Superintendent of Watertown Schools B. Heston Carnemolla said that a few students had been diagnosed with the virus, more commonly known as hand, foot, mouth disease.

The district spoke to public health officials, who gave recommendations to prevent further cases. One tip the district will follow is disinfecting each school building every day. That includes all surfaces, from desk tops to chairs and door handles.

Administrators, teachers, nurses, athletic directors and coaches will talk to students about the importance of good hygiene and frequent hand washing, as well as recommending students do not share drinks or utensils.

All schools will remain open, just with more cleaning sessions.

Due to the issues, the school's open house on Thursday night was postponed to allow for a first disinfection.