Caring coffee connection blends flavor with hope in Trumbull

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TRUMBULL - El Salvador is a coffee-producing country. It is also a country that needs a little help. Enter Americares.

"One of the things we do is to help get medicine and other supplies , donated to us, into the right hands of the people who need them,” said Tami Parker of Americares.

What are these Americares employees doing in Ed Freedmans’ Shearwater coffee shop? It looks like manual labor but it is a lot more.

The coffee being bagged today , the "Americares blend", is going to Americares’ signature fundraiser, the airlift benefit .  Halfway through the event, 100 people get on a plane to El Salvador. They’ll bring supplies with them to give out, and to see what partnering agencies are doing down in cities that are in need of help and support.

There’s a bit of a full circle going on here. When Americares sends its crew and supplies down to El Salvador, they will be caffeinated up with coffee, provided by Shearwater, with beans that came from – you guessed it – Central America. The same beans that once came from Central America will help others helping Central America.