Manatee undergoing rehab at Mystic Aquarium is pregnant

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MYSTIC --  An 800-pound manatee is undergoing rehabilitation at Mystic Aquarium after she was rescued off the coast of Falmouth, Massachusetts last week.

Tuesday, during a routine medical exam, aquarium staff discovered that "Washburn" is pregnant!

"An ultrasound conducted by our veterinary team determined that the manatee is between four and five months pregnant," added Dr. Stephen M. Coan, President & CEO of Mystic Aquarium. "This further elevates the importance of this effort and the care she is receiving by our world-class team of professionals. For all of us it provides a boost to the conservation efforts of this incredible but endangered species."

“We were really fortunate to find the manatee and rescue her before the water temperatures dropped,” said Katie Moore IFAW’s Animal Rescue Program Director. “Knowing that she is carrying a calf makes her survival even more important.”

The gestation period for a manatee is about a year. Washburn will continue to be monitored to assess when she will be stable enough for transport to longer term rehabilitation in Florida before ultimately being released back to coastal waters.

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