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Windsor neighbors hope for answers in 2013 murder; rescued boater denies involvement

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WINDSOR -- Since Nathan Carman has been questioned about his ill-fated fishing trip, it's been revealed he was considered a suspect in the 2013 murder of his grandfather, John Chakalos, of Windsor. Carman is publicly denying he had any involvement.

Chakalos’ neighbors say these new developments have them even more eager for answers.

“It’s always on our mind," Joe Zotter said. "It was a murder next door to us.” He explained that Chakalos and his deceased wife were very close to Nathan, who is on the Autism Spectrum. He said the family was always worried about Nathan.

Zotter said he couldn't believe it when he learned Carman was a suspect in that murder, which is now an active cold case.

“Now, all of a sudden, he has a weapon that's the same caliber as the one that shot John?” he said.

Court documents show Carman did have the same kind of weapon used in Chakalos' death.

Chakalos’ death is now in the spotlight after Carman's boating trip with his mother, Linda Carman, who is now presumed dead. Nathan Carman was found on a life raft with food and water, and in good condition.

A search warrant shows investigators are looking to charge Carman with reckless endangerment. Tuesday, they took evidence from his Vermont home. He arrived there hours after being questioning by the Coast Guard in Boston. Carman's attorney says he was fully cooperative and the boat sinking was an accident.

Other neighbors who didn’t want to give their name said all along they’ve believed the shooting wasn’t random and they didn’t feel they were in danger.

In 2014 Windsor police submitted an arrest warrant for Carman to a prosecutor, but it was returned unsigned with a request for more information.

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