Connecticut corn maze survives summer drought

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MIDDLEFIELD - At the Lyman Orchards’ Apple Barrel, corn is big business – for sale – and for wandering

The .4 acre corn maze is one of the largest in the state and after a dry summer season – John Lyman is just relieved that it is open.

"There was a lot of discussion about how dry it was," he said. "I think people were worried about the vegetables.”

After all, you can’t have a corn maze without corn.

“Corn growing does need a certain amount of moisture," he said. "Otherwise it gets stunted."

“We went through a period of July that was dry, and we saw the corn of being dr , leaves curling in," he said. "We got enough showers here in Middlefield so the corn grew pretty well."

The heat and humidity actually helps this corn grow pretty well, too!

“Hot humidity – corn just goes crazy," said Lyman.