Pizza night with Tom Brady, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck offered for $10

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BOSTON – Who wouldn’t want a pizza and beer night with Matt Damon, Tom Brady and Ben Affleck?

Brady, Damon and Affleck are hosting some lucky fans in Boston to support three non-profit organizations – Eastern Congo Initiative,, and The TB12 Foundation, which collectively support global health, education and safety. Affleck and Damon are among the organizations’ founders.

Each donation enters participants for the chance to win exclusive merchandise from omaze, a campaign platform offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences for charitable donations as little as $10.

If you win, you and a friend will get to know the famous trio over pizza and beer, talk football, movies and life with some of New England’s finest export and get flown to Boston and put up in a 4-star hotel.

There is less than a month left to donate and enter the contest.