Morris farm works to rebound after beef recall

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MORRIS--A Connecticut farm in the middle of a beef recall is giving refunds, and fighting to guarantee its reputation.

Truelove Farms had one steer sent off to Adams Farm in Massachusetts in late July for slaughter, and that fell within the time frame that inspectors believe E. coli emerged at the slaughterhouse.

So even though Truelove's beef may not have been contaminated, it had to be recalled and buyers are now being refunded, costing the farm thousands of dollars.

But more valuable to the farm is its good name...that it's a place for all natural, organic, and clean food.

"The problem wasn't ours, the fault was not ours," farm owner, Tom Truelove, said.  "And that all of our other products are still absolutely fine. "

Truelove Farms says, as a small farm, the beef recall certainly set it back, but it expects to be reimbursed for losses through insurance.