Foodie Friday: Become a ‘Burger Builder’ in Waterbury

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WATERBURY -- If you build it, they will come. That's exactly what is happening at Burger Builders in Waterbury.

Father and son duo, Mike and Chad Monnerat own the old school joint but with a new twist.

"We're trying to be different, that was the whole concept, and being different, the tier system and the toppings was the concept my son came up with," said Mike Monnerat.

From plain or classic to over-the-top, each burger is a hand-made, one-third pound proprietary blend of four different meats and grilled to perfection giving these double and sometimes triple deckers that backyard flavor in every bite.

"We chargrill on open flame, not too many folks do it anymore," said Monnerat. "Every burger that we put on the grill is hand seasoned before it hits the grill. It brings out the flavor and juiciness of our burgers with the char."

The build team works with more than 20 toppings, ranging from traditional lettuce and tomato to eggplant, cheese sticks or whatever you can think of.

"You can get as creative as you want, you can build whatever you want and that's where the macaroni and cheese and the pulled pork, the blue cheeses, the mushroom gravy, the cole slaws come in," said Monnerat.

"Your only limitation is your imagination, if we have it we'll build it for you."

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