Jury awards family over $200k in Hartford dog shooting case

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HARTFORD – A federal jury has awarded a Hartford  family thousands of dollars in damages after their dog was killed by two police officers in 2006.

Glen Harris and his young daughter, identified only by her first initial, are to receive $200,000 in compensatory and punitive damages under a verdict filed in Hartford federal court Friday.

Harris’ lawyer said the judgment should “act as a deterrent to police misconduct.” Lawyers for the city and officers didn’t immediately comment Friday.

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Hartford Sgts. Johnmichael O’Hare and Anthony Pia had been accused of violating the family’s constitutional rights and inflicting emotional distress.

O’Hare says he was forced to shoot the dog in Harris’ yard in 2006. The Saint Bernard was playing with Harris’ 12-year-old daughter before being shot. Their trial opened Sept. 19.