Much needed rain for the remainder of the day

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Friday night into Saturday will feature some much-needed rainfall and, with a majority of the state in a severe drought, it is tough to complain about the wet weather.

Saturday looks overcast and chilly with temperatures on either side of the 60 degree mark. While the day doesn't look like a total wash-out, there could be a shower at any time. Drizzle and fog are likely too.

Sunday still looks damp with cloudy skies and the chance for areas of fog/mist. But most of the day will be dry so the second half of the weekend is looking slightly better for outdoor plans and activities.

Hurricane Matthew is worth keeping an eye on. The category 4 hurricane is expected to turn north this weekend, moving over or near Jamaica and Cuba. After this weekend, what happens next is still a big question mark. Today most of our computer guidance shows the massive storm staying offshore with little or no effect on our weather here in new England.  But a lot can happen in a week's time. So while I wouldn't worry about the storm yet for Connecticut, it's still worth watching closely.

Tonight: Periods of rain, drizzle and fog.  Low: 50s

Saturday: Cloudy, cool. Showers, areas of fog/drizzle. Highs: Near 60.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, chance shower. High: Mid-upper 60s.

Monday: Partly sunny, warmer. Chance shower. High: 70.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy. High: 60s.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High: 65-70.

Thursday: Partly sunny. High: 60s.

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